Twins GM Ryan blames himself for Dozier’s poor performance last season


Aug 11, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Twins shortstop Brian Dozier (20) fields a ground ball hit by Tampa Bay Rays left fielder Desmond Jennings (not pictured) in the fifth inning at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins believe infielder Brian Dozier will be a good major league player, despite an underwhelming performance last season.

Dozier, 25, is expected to be the Twins’ everyday second baseman for the 2013-14 season, with full support from Twins general manager Terry Ryan.

According to Cody Christie of, Ryan blames himself for rushing Dozier last season, but knows Dozier is a much better player than what fans saw last season.

"Ryan said that it was his fault for Dozier’s poor performance in his rookie year. He thought that Dozier was rushed to the big leagues and the team pushed him too hard to find success at that level. He would add that the Dozier that fans saw in 2012 was not the player that the organization knows he can be."

Part of the plan to find better success for Dozier this season is to play him at second base, and play Pedro Florimon at shortstop.

In September of last year, Twins assistant general manager Rob Atony first hinted at this middle infield set up.

"“Florimon has kind of made the plays and shown some of the range that you really like from a shortstop, that Dozier didn’t necessarily do,” assistant general manager Rob Antony said Sept. 16, 2012 via the Pioneer Press. “So it might be a situation where we still think Dozier can be a good player, but he may end up being a second baseman instead of a shortstop.”"

Throughout Dozier’s minor league career, he hit .298/.370/.409. He hit just .234/.271/.332 last season for the Twins.