Vikings fall to Texans in first preseason game


The rookies for the Vikings came out tonight for a show, but there was not enough flash bang to overcome the Houston Texans who beat the Vikings 27-13 in the first preseason game.

The Vikings were able to showcase Cordarrelle Patterson was a part of that flash bang tonight as he made a splash in the first half.

But one of the few veterans on the field tonight was Christian Ponder, who managed to connect with Jerome Simpson for 15 yards. But when Ponder went back to Simpson on the next play his throw was a bit high and bounced off Simpson’s hands and into Shiloh Keo’s for an interception.

Ponder is entering a critical third season in is his future with the Vikings as their starting quarterback. In tonight’s game he only took those two snaps.

The Texans DeAnder Hopkinds caught a 34-yard touchdown pass for the Houston Texans. Hopkins was the 27th overall pick in the draft, had four receptions for 52 yards. Patterson, taken two slots later, caught four passes for 54 yards and returned the opening kickoff 50 yards.