Report: Minnesota Timberwolves ‘No Doubt’ Taking Karl-Anthony Towns


The Beatles or Rolling Stones? Waffles or pancakes? Pepsi or Coke? These are all major questions we’ve all had to answer in our lives, but none of those questions are near the level of what the Minnesota Timberwolves are facing right now with Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor?

That question might be answered:

According to an ‘NBA insider’ who talked to Forbes said that, “There’s no doubt, the T-Wolves are taking Towns.”

That’s a pretty big development, especially with how much of an Okafor guy Head Coach/President of Basketball Operations/Part Owner/(Part-time Janitor?) Flip Saunders seemed to be initially. The same source says Flip was flipped over to Towns after seeing him in Los Angeles last week.

Both players have pros and cons, obviously, but it would be hard to believe that either will totally and completely flop. Right? Hopefully? Either pick is going to help the Wolves achieve a better record than the 16-66 mark of last season.

This all works out swimmingly for the former Minneapolis NBA team. The Lakers really want to take Jahlil Okafor and that’s obviously possible with the Wolves passing on the former Duke big man.

The NBA Draft is just two Thursdays away. The Draft will be held on June 25 in Brooklyn, New York at six o’clock central on ESPN. The ping-pong balls went the right way for the Wolves this year, soon we’ll see what that luck brings to the unlucky franchise.

The correct answers to the opening questions, by the way: Beatles, pancakes, coke and Towns.