Minnesota Twins: Glen Perkins Isn’t Pretty Much Killing It, He Is Killing It


As insanity runs wild in the MLB All-Star Game voting process, there is one player that Minnesota Twins fans don’t have to worry about, in a good way. Glen Perkins is about as locked in as a relief pitcher could get for the All-Star Game and for good reason.

That reason? Perkins has been so flipping good this season.

Expanding on that point, Perkins leads Major League Baseball in saves with 23, which is one ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates Mark Melancon for the overall lead. The St. Louis Cardinals Trevor Rosenthal stands in third with 21 which finally leads us to fourth place, the second AL representative, Huston Street with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, United States, North America, Earth with 20 saves.

Not only is Perkins converting saves, but he hasn’t blown an opportunity yet. In the top 20 in saves, only two others have not blown a save in 2015: New York Yankees Andrew Miller with 17 saves and Milwaukee Brewers Francisco Rodriguez with 13 saves.

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Let’s go further down the rabbit hole of stats to illustrate how darn great Perkins has been. Perkins is tied for 33th overall in pitching WAR with a 1.6 WAR. The top 30 is filled with a bunch of starting pitchers, so it’s a great WAR to have as a closer.

Perkins is also sporting a WHIP of 0.99. That’s pretty good.

I think all Twins fans know that Perkins is great and having a great season, but I don’t think everyone completely releases just how great of a season it is. Perkins is only 11 saves away from his total saves last season and 14 more saves will give him a new career high in the category.

Instead of focusing all the bad energy on the Minnesota native playing first, let’s channel that into positive energy towards the greatness that is Glen Perkins. That and somehow getting Brian Dozier into the All-Star Game, too.

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