Minnesota Vikings: O-line needs to step up and protect Teddy Bridgewater


Protect the Teddy bear. Maybe if we put that on a sign and put that in every offensive lineman’s locker, they might get the point that the Minnesota Vikings need to protect Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater was sacked seven times on Sunday alone. That’s 18% of the sacks that Bridgewater felt all of last season. Bridgewater was sacked 39 times a year ago in 13 games.

The scary thing is that Bridgewater still passed for 269 yards against the best pass defense in the league in the Denver Broncos. Think what could’ve been done if Bridgewater wasn’t constantly trying to save his life whenever he dropped back to pass on Sunday.

I realize that the offensive line is patch worked and is missing key pieces, but there still needs to be some sort of protection for Bridgewater. Adrian Peterson might be back, but the Vikings still need to get something from the QB position.

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Speaking of Peterson, I know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but if Adrian Peterson could hold at least one little block for just a little bit that would give Vikings’ fans a little bit of confidence. Just one little block every now and then is all I ask.

The Denver defense is phenomenal and can make any offense look incompetent, but seven sacks is still way too much. If the Vikings want to succeed this season, they have to be able to handle great defenses. Denver isn’t the only great defense in the league.

Bridgewater is fine and will be fine. The main goal is just to keep the Teddy bear upright and not seeing him have to hibernate on the sidelines.

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