Minnesota Vikings: Jeff Fisher responds and gives Mike Zimmer advice


The Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams don’t really like each other at the moment. The head coaches of the teams are feuding which mainly stems from the concussion that Teddy Bridgewater suffered in the second half of the Vikings victory on Sunday.

The coaches didn’t acknowledge each other after the game and it’s more than typical in the NFL for opposing coaches to shake hands. Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer was furious right away after the hit to his quarterback and Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher gave the Vikings coach some advice through the media on Monday.

The responses to Jim Thomas, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rams reporter that tweeted the quotes out, are remarkably priceless. One of the big comebacks is that the Rams shouldn’t have hired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Williams, of course, was the coordinator with the New Orleans Saints that directed Bountygate and hurt Brett Favre in the NFC Championship Game. Those escapades resulted in a year-long suspension for Williams.

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Maybe I am missing something, but what is Zimmer supposed to see from the tape? Just another look at the dirty hit that gave his quarterback a concussion and looked like it literally knocked him out right on the playing field?

Plus, what does emotion have anything to do with it? It’s good to show emotion. I’d be more scared if a head coach didn’t freak out if his quarterback was almost decapitated on a play, nonetheless on a play where the quarterback was giving himself up.

My advice to Coach Fisher is to win the game before you give advice to anyone else.

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