Minnesota Vikings: This is the Teddy Bridgewater we’ve been looking for


Teddy Bridgewater played like an absolute star again on Sunday for the Minnesota Vikings.

In the loss against the Arizona Cardinals last week, it was still seen as arguably the best game of Teddy Bridgewater’s NFL career. After the win on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, it was again labeled possibly the best game of Bridgewater’s young career.

Simply, Bridgewater was fantastic on Sunday. Bridgewater threw for four touchdowns and he ran for another one. That’s five touchdowns according to my Minnesota math. That’s a lot of points.

Fran Tarkenton is the only other Viking quarterback in team history to throw for four touchdowns and run for another one. That’s how great of a day it was for the Vikings QB.

This is the Bridgewater that the Vikings and Vikings fans are looking for. We are starting to see the potential and talent that has flashed in Bridgewater’s young NFL career and in college at Louisville. Bridgewater has played like an all-pro the past two weeks.

Bridgewater is improving and is improving behind an offensive line that really hasn’t been great all year. The line is improving, but it didn’t really take much for them to improve from the beginning of the season.

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The scary thing is that everything from the offensive seems to be coming together. Teddy is absolutely on fire right now. Adrian Peterson has looked like a vintage AP the last couple weeks, even after getting sidelined for a bit on Sunday. A good Teddy betters Adrian and a good Adrian betters Teddy.

To further prove how in tune the offense is right now: Mike Wallace is even starting to get involved in the offense.

The Vikings are a virtual lock for the playoffs right now and it looks like the Vikings would be a tough draw for any NFC opponent with the offense absolutely rolling. This is the Teddy Bridgewater we’ve been looking for.

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Teddy and the boys will look to keep it rolling next Sunday night against the New York Giants.