Minnesota Vikings: Blair Walsh named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week


Blair Walsh was named the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

A lot happens when you convert on five field goal attempts. First, you score 15 points for your own team which is quite a bit. Second, the fantasy football nerds that have you on their team will go out and buy your jersey. Third, you win the coveted NFC Special Teams Player of the Week award.

That happened this week for Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh. Walsh went five for five on his field goal attempts in the victory over the New York Giants on Sunday night. Out of those five, two attempts were from beyond 50 yards with the longest attempt being a 53-yard boot.

Despite the perfectness in actual field goal attempts, it must not be overlooked that Walsh did miss a point after attempt in the ballgame. The Vikings didn’t need the point in the long run, but it’s still an easy point left on the table.

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While Walsh has seemingly improved from his very lackluster preseason, his consistency isn’t back to the prime it was once at in his rookie season. Walsh would never miss and now it’s questioned every time he attempts a kick, even point afters. PATs might be pushed back further than they were in Walsh’s rookie season, but Vikings fans shouldn’t have to bite their nails every time Walsh finds himself on the field.

To stop raining on the parade, congratulations to Walsh for the accolade. It’s nice to see Walsh might be getting back to that old form. You never know how much the Vikings will need him in the playoffs.

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Vikings finish up the regular season on Sunday night in a game to decide the NFC North with the Green Bay Packers. Kickoff is set for a little after 7:00.