Minnesota Twins Chasing Franchise’s Worst Record

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With three games remaining in the 2016 season, the Minnesota Twins are on the brink of the worst record in team history.

The Minnesota Twins have the worst record (57-102) in Major League Baseball. To make matters worse, they are one loss away from the worst record in franchise history.

A three game series in Chicago against the White Sox will cap the season for the Twins. With no other team even close to the train wreck of a season the Twins have endured, they have no incentive to lose out to chase the number one pick. The last three times the Twins played the White Sox, in early September, they lost the series 1-2.

Pride of the Minnesota Twins has appeared low this season, but Brian Dozier and the boys will surely look to avoid being etched into the ugly side of the history books.

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The obvious kryptonite for the Twins has been their pitching. Well, Ktyptonite would imply that there is something super about the Twins, and there really isn’t.

The Twins’ opponent batting average (.284) is ranked the worst in the league. To put that number in perspective, Brian Dozier, the best player on the Twins, bats .270. The entire league averages better than the Twins’ best player when playing Minnesota. When it comes to their earned run average (5.11), the Minnesota Twins are the second worst ranked team in the big leagues.

What makes this season even more disappointing for the Twins, is the fact that last year they finished second in the AL Central with 83 wins. While reaching a franchise losing record is embarrassing and sad, change is the most important thing for the Twins heading into next season.

They took an important step toward change by unofficially hiring the Cleveland Indians’ assistant general manager, Derek Falvey as the new baseball head of operations. At age 33, Falvey will be the second youngest of all the current GMs in the league.

Under the (assistant) tutelage of Falvey, the Indians were first in the AL Central this year. Falvey, an analytics man, represents the Twins’ first real step in moving toward the trend in the league… finally.

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It will take much more than Falvey walking in the building for the Twins to rise in prominence, but they can’t possibly do worse than they may this season, unless they plan on breaking even more records.