Minnesota Vikings vs. Lions: Madden Prediction

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The Minnesota Vikings dropped a stinker to the rival Chicago Bears last week. In another rivalry match up against the Lions this week, Madden 17 seems to be predicting another upset.

Madden 17 predicts the Minnesota Vikings to lose a third straight game. The Detroit Lions come out victorious in this simulation, 26-13.

Game recap

Each team won two quarters of this back-and-forth game. With a stingy defensive start, the Minnesota Vikings scraped together three points to take the first. In Response, the Lions capitalized on both a Sam Bradford interception and a Ronnie Hillman fumble. They stole the second by exploding for 17 with a rushing touchdown for Justin Forsett and a 23-yard touchdown toss to Marvin Jones. The Vikings managed to keep it close with a goal line rushing touchdown from Zach Line.

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Inching closer to the lead, the Minnesota Vikings battled their own offensive problems to squeeze out three points in the third, holding the Lions to punt repeatedly.

With just a four-point deficit, the Vikings marched down the field in the middle of the fourth quarter. Sam Bradford dropped back, saw an open Kyle Rudolph running a slant, planted his feet and T.J. Clemmings gave up a hit that flung Bradford’s pass up for grabs. A blitzing corner, Quandre Diggs, was in the right place at the right time. He picked the ball off with only daylight ahead of him, but was tripped up by the desperate reaching arm of Sam Bradford.

Methodically moving down the field, the Lions made the deficit harder to climb with a touchdown strike to Anquon Boldin. With just enough time on the clock for a comeback, the Vikings were pinned within their own five yard line. T.J. Clemmings allowed his first sack of the game in the worst circumstances. Bradford fumbled in the end zone and recovered it, but the Vikings ultimately gave up a safety.

The Vikings and Lions had almost identical stats, but the one main difference of the game was the Vikings’ three turnovers. With Ronnie Hillman running the backfield, the new Viking put up a season-high 111 rushing yards, but his costly fumble deflated the game. The defense managed to rack up two sacks, but didn’t capitalize on a Justin Forsett fumble.

What this means

These Madden 17 predictions are 0-2 on the season. Yet, new offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur could struggle to manufacture a game plan on short notice. If the Vikings continue to lose the possession battle like they did in this simulation, the defense won’t look quite as dominant.

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The biggest take away is that this was even an upset on Madden. The Lions are rated in the 70s while the Vikings are at 90. Perhaps Madden sees a miss-match. More than likely, however, Madden 17 will go 0-3.