Minnesota Vikings: Stefon Diggs is on Fire

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In the past two games for the Minnesota Vikings, Stefon Diggs has put up 26 receptions for 244 yards.

While the Minnesota Vikings try to climb out of their offensive lull, Stefon Diggs has caught fire. Over the past two games, Stefon Diggs leads the league in receptions (26), and is just two yards shy of Julio Jones for leading the league in yards (244).

This sudden burst is reminiscent of his explosion in the opening two weeks of the season with 285 yards, 16 receptions and a touchdown. Yet, it differs in many ways.

Stefon Diggs changed his role

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When he was fully healthy at the beginning of the season, Stefon Diggs played the majority of his snaps on the outside and caught most of his passes in intermediate and deep routes. During this stint, he averaged 17.8 yards per reception.

In the past two games, Diggs has been weening himself off an injury. Whether it is due to his injury or the faster nature of Pat Shurmur’s offense, Stefon Diggs has been playing the majority of his snaps in the slot. Most of his receptions now are short completions in the middle of the field. In the midst of this current hot streak, Diggs has averaged 9.3 yards per reception.

With two league-leading explosive hot streaks using two completely different different style, Stefon Diggs is showing his versatility. Diggs’ route running transcends all three levels of the field inside and out. His ability to gain separation using his speed and quick stops out of break is elite in the present NFL.

Stefon Diggs has proven himself reliable

Diggs has shown his ability to not only provide a reliable outlet on third and short, but also to blow the top off the defense in deep routes. Although his usage is clearly already high, one could make the argument that Diggs should be utilized more in big spots. With 38 of his 61 receptions in 2016 accounting for first downs, perhaps the Vikings should look for Diggs in short-yardage situations rather than handing the ball off to the ineffective Matt Asiata.

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Last time Diggs went on a tear of this caliber, he slowed down for the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see if the Minnesota Vikings can find ways to keep Diggs involved. It shouldn’t be too hard considering he has caught almost 90 percent of all his targets the past two games.