FanSided Nominated Minnesota Vikings for Fandom 250

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FanSided nominated Minnesota Vikings fans for their rankings of the best fans across sports and entertainment, Fandom 250.

With over 300 blogs covered by the FanSided family, the Minnesota Vikings fan base sits among elite competition for the best fan base in Fandom 250. Their may be an over-saturation in rankings, but this list comes from the experts of everything fandom.

The Minnesota Vikings were nominated on Nov. 11 as one of the top 250 fan bases in all of sports and entertainment. It will be interesting to see how the Vikings compare to other sports franchises like the rival Green Bay Packers. Yet, it may be even more interesting to see how the Vikings compare to ravenous fan bases like the Walking Dead.

With the official list coming out on Dec. 6, Minnesota Vikings fans shouldn’t be happy with anything outside the top 100.

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The Minnesota Vikings are one of the most snake-bitten franchises of all time. From the four Super Bowl losses, the 1998 Gary Anderson miss and the 2009 Brett Favre interception to the Blair Walsh missed chip shot last year, Vikings fans have endured one of the worst droughts in the history of the NFL. After getting so close so many times, the losses keep stinging worse. Yet, even after one of the franchise’s most iconic losses, the Minnesota Vikings sold out the 2016 season before it began to their loyal fans.

Plus, the Minnesota Vikings and their fans fit together both in ironic and literal fashion. The famously high Scandinavian population in Minnesota is best represented by their ancestor Vikings. At the same time, pillaging and plundering Vikings don’t exactly fit the mold of Minnesota Nice.

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No fan base can stand up with the loyalty of Minnesota Vikings fans and few are more iconic than the likes of the Viking World Order and Purple Pimps.