Timberwolves Still Struggling in Games with Double Digit Leads


With the Minnesota Timberwolves failing to meet preseason expectations, there is a lot of questions about what the issue is?

The young Minnesota Timberwolves are going to have another lottery pick this year. While most thought they would take a huge leap forward this year, we must remember this team is barely old enough to drink. They also have a whole new coach and system to learn.

So far this season, the Timberwolves have done a lot good things on the offensive side of the ball. Most games for the Timberwolves start in a very similar way. You will see the Timberwolves with an 8 to 12 point lead to close out the first quarter, with one of their young big three having a really hot start.

As the game goes on, the Timberwolves slowly let the opposing team creep back into the game and most of the time end up on the wrong side of a victory.

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There have been the same amount of games in which the Timberwolves have held double digit leads and lost, as there is games they have won this season.

Learning how to close out games is something that will come with time and experience. This team also needs some depth support.

The stagnant offensive threat of Ricky Rubio is a huge hole for this team. Tyus Jones has done more than good in his small stints in games as of late. It is time to give the hometown kid some more playing time. He is at least a threat to make an open jumper.

This team has work to do, but most of all is on the defensive side of the ball. About a month back the Timberwolves strung together about 5 games in which their defense looked like it had turned a hard corner. Since then, things have gone back to the way they were.

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Let us hope for things to click for these young guys in the back end of the season.