Minnesota Twins sign Bartolo Colón to minor league deal

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 05: Bartolo Colon
ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 05: Bartolo Colon /

The Minnesota Twins just signed the sexiest pitcher of them all, Bartolo Colón.

The bad news is that the Minnesota Twins showed their cards on Friday night. The super good news for Twins fans is that the cards show that the Twins are obviously going to be buyers at the deadline. The Twins made a big move on Friday night with the signing of free agent starting pitcher Bartolo Colón to a minor league deal.

Okay, so that’s mostly joking. Colón had been horrible with the Atlanta Braves this season before they cut ties with Big Sexy. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good move for the Minnesota Twins. The Twins desperately need pitching and a minor league deal to Colón is well worth the gamble.

Colón has been around a while. Colón debuted in 1997 over 20 years ago with the Cleveland Indians. Since then Colón has been on eight different major league squads. Before the Braves this season, Colón spent a successful three seasons with the New York Mets.

Colón is now 44-years-old, but until this season has been mostly productive. Last season for the Mets, Colón made the All-Star Game. He also made the game in 2013, 2005 and 1998.

In 2005, Colón won the American League Cy Young Award while a member of the Los Angeles Angels. That season Johan Santana finished in third place in the voting for the Twins,

This season with the Braves, Colón started 13 games for Atlanta which resulted in a 8.14 ERA and a WHIP of 1.778. For those of you inclined, Colón had a record of 2-8 with the Braves in 2017. Compared to his record of 15-8 and a 3.43 ERA last season with the Mets in 33 starts.

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There is evidence that the success of Colón is not that far in the past. A good Colón was seen less than a calendar year ago which should give Twins fans hope for a successful tour, but everyone eventually falls of the cliff of their athletic ability and Colón has been inching closer for a while and the time may have just finally come for him.

Even if Colón is mediocre with Triple-A Rochester, I would suspect that Colón will have his chance to pitch at the major league level for the Twins. The Twins, frankly, only have two starting pitchers in Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios. A halfway decent Colón is better that a majority of the seemingly 1,000 pitchers Minnesota has sent to the mound in 2017.

Welcome to Twins Territory, Mr. Sexy. We’ve been waiting for you.

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