Vikings ranked as the 30th most valuable sports franchise


Forbes has ranked the Minnesota Vikings as one of world’s most valuable sports franchises.

Sports franchises are worth a boatload of money. Unless you have a really big boat, the franchises are all worth multiple boatloads, really. So if you own one of those teams, you’re doing okay and thanks for stopping by Sporting Sota. Also, you’re probably hoping you are in the latest Forbes list of the world’s 50 most valuable sports franchises. If you are Minnesota Vikings owners Mark or Zygi Wilf, I have good news for you.

The Minnesota Vikings have made that top 50 list and they didn’t barely squeak in either. The Vikings are the 30th ranked most valuable sports franchise on Earth. Forbes estimates the Vikings worth at $2.2 billion which is a 38% increase over last year’s list.

The main reason for that value increase would be the new home of the Vikings, the people’s stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium. Forbes also points to the high-dollar TV contracts and very owner-friendly labor deals to why sports franchises were up across the board.

The Vikings are the 17th best ranked in the NFL. The Vikings are also the only team from the state of Minnesota to crack the top 50 most valuable franchises.

Spots 28 and 29 in front of the Vikings both went to NFL teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers were ranked at 28 and the Seattle Seahawks were ranked at 29. The Vikings tied with the Boston Celtics of the NBA at 30 on the list. The Indianapolis Colts were the first team behind the Vikings/Celtics line with the 32 ranking.

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In the NFC North, the Vikings finished as the third most valuable. The Chicago Bears topped the list with their ranking at 16. The Green Bay Packers were just a few ahead of the purple at 26. The Detroit Lions failed to make the Top 50 list. Only the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills were also left off of the list.

The top ranking this year goes to the Dallas Cowboys with a worth of $4.2 billion or almost twice as much as the Vikings. The New York Yankees finished second in the rankings with European soccer clubs Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid finishing out the top five.

One fun extra tidbit that I found interesting, no NHL, F1 or NASCAR team broke Forbes’ Top 50 list.

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