The Twins did not sell too early this season

OAKLAND, CA - JULY 28: Jaime Garcia (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
OAKLAND, CA - JULY 28: Jaime Garcia (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Twins keep winning despite the front office’s attempts to stifle that.

Multiple times this year, a lot of folks thought the Minnesota Twins were done. Sane, rational and smart baseball people have multiple times called for the time of death on Minnesota’s boys of summer, but somehow those boys just keep on winning. There’s not a lot of logic to any of it.

A question was raised on Thursday on Mackey and Judd on 1500ESPN that got me thinking a lot about the Twins. Did the Twins sell too early?

There’s some obvious evidence to say so now. The Twins have recently beat up on a good Milwaukee Brewers squad and have played nice baseball all the way around. The pitching has been solid including really nice outings from Bartolo Colon. Somehow Matt Belisle turned into the second coming of Trevor Hoffmann.

All of those things have combined to put the Twins right back in playoff contention in the Wild Card and even within striking distance, somewhat, of the American League Central.

All of that considered, the Twins still did not sell too early this season.

The Twins have played well this season, but the only way the Twins are going to make the playoffs this season is going to be fluke-like and half stumbling in. The result of the season was not going to be dependent on neither Brandon Kintzler nor Jaime Garcia. This isn’t a fault of the Twins, necessarily, but just a product of the players on the roster. That pertains especially with the pitching staff.

Any team that has Brandon Kintzler as their closer probably shouldn’t be making the playoffs. Kintzler is a nice bullpen arm, but not a closer. It would have been an injustice to not sell on him at the ultimate peak of his value. Get a solid return on a guy that should never be more than a middling innings guy while you have the chance.

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Jaime Garcia would have been nice to keep in the rotation, but in the grand scheme of the Garcia trades the Twins did improve on the prospects they have. Starting pitching is always crucial, but the way it is looking, at the moment, Colon might be the decent third starter the Twins were hoping to find anyway.

Would life be grand with those pitchers still on the team? Of course, it’s always a plus to have decent pitching. Still, the Twins should not feel bad that they jumped on the opportunity to get value for a couple pitchers not integral to the process.

If Kintzler or Garcia do something amazing with the Nationals or Yankees in the playoffs, you can call me a fool then. You can call me a fool right now, too. I won’t mind.

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