Blair Walsh taunts Vikings after pair of long field goals


After making a pair of 52-yard field goals for the Seattle Seahawks, former Minnesota kicker Blair Walsh taunted the Vikings sidelines, once pointing at head coach Mike Zimmer.

A huge story heading into Week 2 of the preseason was Blair Walsh playing against his former team. After getting cut by the Minnesota Vikings in the middle of the 2016-17 season, the kicker who infamously missed a 27-yard field goal in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks, who he now plays for, had a nice night. Apparently, he felt good about it too.

In fact, after a pair of 52-yard field goals, Walsh turned toward the Vikings sidelines both times, making sure they realized what just happened. After his first field goal make, he pointed directly at head coach Mike Zimmer. Here’s the proof:

In my opinion, Walsh’s taunting is amusing, yet unnecessary. Walsh was given every opportunity to keep his starting role with the Vikings, but he simply blew it. Head coach Mike Zimmer had no choice but to let him go after going 12-for-16 on field goals and missing four extra points last season.

Now, no one has ever doubted Walsh’s ability to be a top kicker in the NFL. His leg strength is legitimate and he had three nice seasons with the Vikings. The top one coming in his rookie season where he made 35 of 38 field goals, good enough to make the Pro-Bowl. But, he’s also proven to be a head case when facing adversity and he wasn’t able to overcome that last season.

Even so, Zimmer backed up the kicker countless times, hoping that he could get back to kicking the way he has in the past. It just never happened with Minnesota.

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Fast forward to now and Walsh is getting another chance with the team he gave a win to in the 2016 playoffs. So far, he’s looked more like himself making eight total field goals in the first preseason game and making 2 of 3 against Minnesota in a 20-13 win.

Yet, it’s silly for him to taunt about anything at this point. I can understand that getting cut by a team doesn’t feel good. I also understand wanting to prove a former team wrong, but to taunt a team that gave you every chance to stay with them, is a head scratcher. Not to mention, taunt them in a PRESEASON game where you also missed a field goal. I mean, c’mon man.

Nevertheless, it made for great TV and I can only imagine that many Vikings fans, players and coaches got a good laugh out of it.

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