Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns: Enemy lines Q & A with Cleveland’s Factory of Sadness

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 22: DeShone Kizer (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 22: DeShone Kizer (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns are set to hit the pitch in London. In preparation, we asked FanSided’s Cleveland site Factory of Sadness some questions about the Browns.

It’s going to throw a lot of people’s routine off on Sunday, but the Minnesota Vikings and Cleveland Browns will be playing in a game from London that will be an early morning game back here in the States. Since we don’t see the Browns much on the Vikings schedule, we tapped into our resources and called on Ryan Rosko of Factory of Sadness to tell us a little about the winless squad.

Sporting Sota: Joe Thomas is out after remarkably not missing a snap for his career until last week. His greatness is somewhat noted around the country, but just how amazing has Thomas been throughout his career in the eyes of someone who has watched him play?

Factory of Sadness:  Joe Thomas will be a first ballot hall of famer. Words cannot express what he means to NE Ohio. He was the iron man of the NFL. Thomas has had chances to leave the Browns but he adopted Cleveland and wants to truly see the franchise turn around.

There’s no question Cleveland has been bad but if it weren’t for Thomas, they’d be even worse. He is a once in a decade, possibly generation kind of player at his position.

SS: Who is someone on the Browns roster that many might not know of, but someone that is going to make a huge impact against the Vikings?

FOS: I’d pay attention to SS Derrick Kindred. He is a hard hitting safety that doesn’t even get much praise in Cleveland but is regularly making plays. Case Keenum would be wise to not throw in his direction. If he does, multiple pass deflections, tackles, and/or interceptions could occur.

SS: The Cleveland quarterback situation is an interesting one. How do you think that is going to work out and who should be playing against Minnesota?

FOS: It is anyone’s guess how it will play out. What Browns head coach Hue Jackson needs to do is start DeShone Kizer the rest of the season and don’t pull him!

He needs to see what he has in the former Notre Dame product. Kizer will either prove he is the guy or not soon but I would still expect another QB to be drafted.

Kizer is starting versus the Vikings as he should. In an ideal world in Cleveland is that Kizer plays the whole game even if/when he struggles.

SS: Jason McCourty is on the leaderboard for interceptions in the league, including grabbing a pick in the last two games. How has the former Tennessee Titan cornerback affected the Browns’ defensive play?

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FOS: J-McC is not a CB1 but he certainly has played like it. McCourty is one of the top CB2s in the NFL. His knowledge and experience makes life much easier on the youthful secondary.

Thanks to his influence, the Browns defense is starting to go in the right direction, all be it very slow. If the pass defense led in part by McCourty can take the next level, then teams should on high alert. Until then, fans need to remember the pass defense is a work in progress despite his stellar play.

SS:  A simple question: Can the Browns beat the Vikings? If not, who do you think the Browns will get their first win against?

FOS: They can but Kizer cannot turn the ball over, must let go of the ball quickly, and the run defense must provide an impact from the start. Assuming they do that, yes, I’ll say this is the week Cleveland wins but I doubt that will happen.

If the Browns don’t win, their only possible chances of winning this season are against the Los Angeles Chargers and Chicago Bears.

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Thanks again to Ryan Rosko and the Factory of Sadness crew for giving us some answers. I, Collin Kottke, also answer some Viking questions for a piece on Factory of Sadness that is up on their site.