Minnesota Vikings: Comparing the NFC’s top-two teams

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 23: Quarterback Carson Wentz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 23: Quarterback Carson Wentz /
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – OCTOBER 23: Jerick McKinnon /

At the midway point of the season, the Minnesota Vikings only trail the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC. How do they stack up against the NFC’s top team?

If the season ended today, the Minnesota Vikings would finish 6-2, good enough for the no. 2 seed in the conference playoffs. As for the no. 1 seed, that’d go to the Philadelphia Eagles, who boast a 7-1 record through eight games. Obviously, this means the Eagles are the only team that’s better than the Vikings in the NFC based on record alone.

Of course, we are only halfway through the year with plenty of season to go. So, chances are the Eagles and Vikings won’t be the top-two teams when the season is all said and done. Reason being, the NFL is an ever-changing business. Last year’s Minnesota team is the perfect example of this, albeit an unfortunate one.

Even so, there’s no reason to believe the Eagles and Vikings won’t be contenders at season’s end. Currently, both teams sit in prime position to win their respective divisions with Philadelphia holding a 2.5 game lead and Minnesota leading by 1.5 games in an Aaron Rodger-less division. Basically, the odds are definitely in their favor at the midway point. Not to mention, they could realistically see one another down the road.

With this in mind, it definitely doesn’t hurt to fantasize about what a potential matchup would look like between the NFC’s best. You almost have to given the fact we are in the midst of the Vikings’ bye week… I mean, what else is there to do? Besides watching the Green Bay Packers lose, of course.

Also, who doesn’t picture how the NFL’s best teams matchup? Personally, I’m constantly comparing how other teams stack up against the Vikings. Specifically, the ones that have good chances of being around come the postseason. Sometimes, that’s not such a good thing, but given the fine odds Minnesota has of making the playoffs right now, I can get away with letting my thoughts wonder.

As matter of fact, they’ve led me to comparing the Eagles and Vikings. Particularly, how the teams compare to one another in all three phases of the game: offense, defense and special teams. Sure, the Eagles may be the better team record wise, but do they really matchup well against the Vikings? Let’s take a look.