Minnesota Vikings: 4 things the Vikings should be thankful for

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The Wilf Brothers

Since taking over the Minnesota Vikings franchise in 2005, Zygi and Mark Wilf have done so much for this franchise. For starters, they kept the team in Minnesota. When Red McCombs sold the Vikings to the Wilfs, there was high concern that new ownership could move the franchise. Instead, the Wilfs committed themselves to Minnesota from the start.

Here’s what Zygi Wilf had to say after purchasing the team to Minnesota Public Radio.

"“To me, this is not a matter of economics. This is a matter of passion. I’ve always been a strong NFC fan,” said Wilf, a lifelong supporter of the New York Giants. “We will be in the Minneapolis area forever. Look, I’m not changing that at all. We will do our best to make sure that we get the best venue and right location.”"

Almost 13 years later, the Vikings boast a brand new, state of the art U.S. Bank Stadium with a contending team to show for it. Furthermore, Mark Wilf led the charge of bringing a Super Bowl to the stadium this season. While that could end up paying large dividends if the Vikings were to make the Super Bowl, it’s going to be a huge deal for the community nevertheless.

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In addition, the Wilfs have opened up their checkbooks time and time again to bring a winning product to the field. Sure, there’s been losing years, but even when those have occurred, I’ve never once questioned the ownership’s desire to win. They’ve always been willing to do all that it takes to make the team better, which can’t be said about all owners in professional sports.

Most recently, the Wilfs have shelled out big money, long-term extensions with stars Everson Griffen, Linval Joseph and Xavier Rhodes and that trend is likely going to continue with Anthony Barr in the offseason. Factor in the Vikings are scheduled to have over $40 million in cap space, there’s reason to believe the Wilfs will be handing out at least a couple of large contracts in the near future as well.

In the end, the Wilf brothers are what keeps this organization running and without them, who knows where this franchise would be? Of course, Vikings players and coaches should thank the men responsible for their large paychecks, but most importantly, they should thank them for putting a quality product on the field and giving them a new home in the process. Same goes for the rest of Vikings nation!

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As your stuffing your face with turkey and watching the Thanksgiving game against the Lions, let’s keep in mind there’s plenty to be thankful for right now, especially when it comes to this Vikings team. Hopefully, we can add something to be thankful for with a home Super Bowl win at season’s end. Skol Vikes!