Minnesota Vikings should aim for a first round bye

DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 23: Quarterback Case Keenum (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 23: Quarterback Case Keenum (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Vikings look to be near locks for the playoffs and their goal now needs to be a first round bye.

It is still a little hard to believe that the Minnesota Vikings are having this good of a season. Case Keenum has quickly become a pretty darn good quarterback in place of Sam Bradford and that has paved the way for the Vikings to currently be the second best team in the NFC. That’s a goal that the Vikings should hold on to.

Not to put the wagon in front of the horse, but it sure looks like the Vikings will be making the playoffs as the champions of the NFC North. The Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions this past week and it looks like the Green Bay Packers will be basically buried by the time that Aaron Rodgers returns to the field.

Assuming that the Vikings make the playoffs, Minnesota should have the goal of getting a first round bye. That, of course, means that the Vikings need to finish as either the first or second place team in the NFC. It’s do-able.

Minnesota’s toughest games are the next two weeks with road games against the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers. While winning both would be ideal, the Vikings need to at least split these games to have a chance at holding on to the second seed. Of course, the Vikings would also have to win out the remaining portion of the schedule to fully ensure the bye.

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It’ll be a tough battle for the Vikings. The Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are all right on the heels of the 9-2 record of the Vikings with their record of 8-3. If the Vikings take too many missteps, there are simply too many squads ready to take their spot in the top two stops, assumingly alongside the Philadelphia Eagles.

There is no reason that the Vikings can’t accomplish this feat. Keenum looks solid, the receiving core is great, the defense is phenomenal… what more could you ask for?

It wouldn’t be a make or break thing for the Vikings, but it would sure be nice to be able to have a bye and set up a playoff run that runs, at least a majority of the way, through U.S. Bank Stadium.

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The Vikings are back at it again on Sunday. The Vikings will be taking on the Atlanta Falcons down in Georgia.