Minnesota Twins should explore the possibility of trading Miguel Sano

CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 12: Miguel Sano
CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 12: Miguel Sano /

Miguel Sano has been a major part of the Minnesota Twins plans for the future, but the team should still explore the possibility of trading the slugger.

The Minnesota Twins made a pair of swift trades on Wednesday that brought in a couple of prospects, but that won’t be the last move the team makes. If the team wants to take the next step, they will need to make a big splash and that probably comes via trade.

To make a big splash, usually you need to sell someone that will make a splash for the other team. That is why the Twins should look into the possibility of trading Miguel Sano.

Sano is a very talented player, but there are some flaws present like striking out at incredible clips. Sano does have somewhat of an injury history. Like yours truly, Sano has a weight problem. The position that Sano should play is a toss-up mystery between third, first and designated hitter. Plus, there’s always that rumor floating around that he won’t stick in Minnesota especially since his agent it Jay-Z and he might be heading to New York for more of those business ties.

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Those are the flaws, but the talent is still there. The power is something that many players can’t match. The defensive side of the game also seems to be improving for Sano, too. There’s still a lot of value to Sano and that is what makes him such an attractive trade option.

If the Twins want to bring in a top starting pitcher, they will have to give up quite the haul to get one. That’s the price of poker right now in Major League Baseball.

If the Twins wanted, for example, to swing a trade for the Tampa Bay Rays’ Chris Archer, they probably couldn’t get it mostly done with Sano. Again, you have to give something up to get something back.

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I’m not suggesting that the Twins should trade Sano right now, but they do need to listen to any offers that they might get for the slugger. The Twins already have a pretty darn solid offense and desperately need pitching, there is only one way to fix that problem.