Minnesota Vikings show positive signs in attempted comeback against Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 10: Case Keenum (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 10: Case Keenum (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Vikings lost but, hey, they at least tried to put up a fight.

This was bound to happen, probably. The Minnesota Vikings were on a big ol’ winning streak and it looked like it might never be stopped and like most good things, well, it had to come to an end. The Carolina Panthers stopped the Vikings roll pretty convincingly on Sunday, but there is some good to be found in the loss.

The Vikings looked virtually horrible the whole game and still managed to only lose to a pretty good team by seven points. Obviously, this kind of performance isn’t acceptable in the playoffs, but losing a game by seven to a probable playoff team in your third straight road game isn’t exactly something to be ashamed of.

Case Keenum came back to his norm a little bit by throwing two interceptions, but also wasn’t helped out by his receiving brethren at all. The wide receivers dropped more balls in this game than they had in the rest of the season combined and the drops shouldn’t be too much of a concern for this team moving forward.

The defense wasn’t exactly sharp in the game either. It’s hard to call any defense that gives up 31 points sharp, but Cam Newton did only complete 13 passes in the game. Still, the defense did not look like their dominant selves.

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All that being said, the Vikings still had the game tied under the two minute warning which is fairly impressive considering Minnesota was down 11 with six minutes left of the game.

Again, there’s not a whole lot good in a loss, especially in a game that would have clinched the NFC North crown for the Vikings. Still the team looked good with almost all facets of the game blowing up to some degree in Carolina. If the Vikings could have had anything go their way, they defeat a very solid Panthers team on Sunday.

Don’t jump off the bandwagon because of this game. The ride hit a small bump in the road, it didn’t blow its engine. Vikings teams of the past would have packed the game in somewhere in the first half, but this team fought back to make it a ballgame. That is an excellent sign of things to come for this road weary team.

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The Vikings finally return home on Sunday. Minnesota will be taking on the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday from U.S. Bank Stadium with a scheduled noon kickoff.