Minnesota Vikings are smart to not offer Case Keenum an extension yet

GREEN BAY, WI - DECEMBER 23: Case Keenum (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
GREEN BAY, WI - DECEMBER 23: Case Keenum (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Even though Case Keenum might be the answer to the Minnesota Vikings quarterback questions, it is smart of the team not to offer him a contract extension during the season.

Case Keenum is playing out of his mind as the full-time quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. It is still crazy that we get to say that sentence and be talking about a team that looks poised to get a first round bye in the NFC playoffs, but here we are. Despite all of the successes for Keenum, the Vikings apparently have not offered him a contract extension.

CBS Sports is reporting that the Vikings haven’t brought up any contract talks with one of the most decorated college quarterbacks of all time. That being said, CBS Sports also notes that Keenum’s representatives haven’t gone to the Vikings looking for a contract either.

This is a smart way of doing business for the Vikings. It is hard to not be head over heels with the way Keenum has performed, but it is also essential for the front office to stay grounded. It is starting to look like there is a decent chance that Keenum sticks around in Minnesota past this season, but the time might as well get through this season before they hitch their wagons to anybody.

Contracts are easier to get rid of in the NFL compared to the other major sports, but this kind of thing has burned and is currently burning the Minnesota Twins. The baseball club gave Phil Hughes an unnecessary contract extension and are currently forced to field him despite his pitching not being up to par of what it was when the contract was given. Be wary of when you give contract extensions.

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Plus, you never know when the league will go crazy and people you thought wouldn’t be available are suddenly available. Look at the headlines on Sunday revolving around Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. It is unlikely anything will happen, but if the teams complaining to the league about the Packers wrongfully placing Rodgers on the IR are right and the Packers are forced to cut the future Hall of Fame quarterback, well, the Vikings would be fools to not try to get Rodgers services, no matter how good Keenum has been.

Personally, I find it weird that contracts are discussed during the season. All sports have months of offseason that these kind of things can be hammered out during, it doesn’t need to be talked about while a team is in the middle of a chase for a Super Bowl.

The Vikings should definitely be looking into brining back Keenum, but it is also perfectly acceptable to cross that bridge once the vehicle that is the 2017 season comes to a complete stop.

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Keenum and the Vikings will conclude the regular season with a matchup against the Chicago Bears on New Year’s Eve. The game from U.S. Bank Stadium is set for a noon kickoff.