Minnesota Timberwolves: Jimmy Butler needs to be sent to the All-Star Game

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have a lot of star power but no one is shining brighter than Jimmy Butler right now.

Over the past couple of seasons, the fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves have been patiently waiting for Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins to make the All-Star Game. While Towns should’ve been on the team last season, it is clear that there is at least one member of the Timberwolves that should be making the Western Conference All-Star squad this season and that is Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler is an MVP candidate right now. Not many around the league are playing at the level of what Butler is right now. Simply being in the conversation with the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant means that Butler needs to be voted into the All-Star Game.

Butler’s complete impact on this team can be simply seen throughout the course of the season. For about the first month of the season, it could be seen that Butler was going to try to make the Timberwolves an equal opportunity star hub essentially trying to share the stardom with Towns and Wiggins. When the calendar flipped to December, it became the Jimmy G. Buckets show and for good reason.

In December so far, the Timberwolves have played 14 games and Butler has scored over 30 points in six of those contests. Butler has only been in the negative side in the plus/minus stat in December twice. He’s been dominating in ways that only Kevin Garnett has done in a Timberwolves uniform.

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This is not to say that Towns and Wiggins are worthless for this Timberwolves team. They are vitally important to the success level of the Timberwolves and their presence alone helps Butler’s ability to operate. This is all to throw well deserved praise onto Butler as the voting has begun for the All-Star Game.

In the long run, All-Star Games are fairly useless. If you don’t go into the viewing of the game with the right attitude, they can be a hard thing to watch, but there are limited spots on those amazing rosters. Those spots are still quite prized and the roster is a great representation of the stars of the league. Butler is an absolute star and deserves to be sent to the game.

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Butler and the Timberwolves wrap up their calendar year of 2017 with an afternoon game with the Indiana Pacers in Indiana. Game time is set for 4:00 Central on Sunday afternoon.