Minnesota Vikings look to free agency after Case Keenum left untagged


The Minnesota Vikings opted not to give the franchise tag to quarterback Case Keenum, so where does that leave the team now?

With Ian Rapoport reporting Monday that the Minnesota Vikings are not expected to use the franchise tag on Case Keenum, Rick Spielman and company have a plethora of options regarding the quarterback position in 2018, but the only viable ones are atop the free agent list.

They have now set themselves up to be major players in the Kirk Cousins bidding war. Cousins has shown himself to be a capable NFL starter and will demand a potentially astronomical amount of guaranteed money in the contract he is about to sign.

He might be the piece the Vikings need to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, but if the Vikings are outbid or otherwise fail to secure the services of Cousins during this free agency signing period, the next best option may be Case Keenum.

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Keenum is set to test the free agent market and will most certainly be seeking four to five years with guaranteed money, but his dollar value will not be set until Cousins is off the board.

If Cousins is given a king’s ransom, one of the rejected suitors may be willing to give Keenum the extra year and or dollars he is looking for to make sure they have a starting caliber QB on the roster in 2018.

The Vikings are in uncommon territory with a win now roster and a giant blank space at starting quarterback. Although there are many different ways for them to go over the next several months, its pretty apparent that this free agency period will play a huge role in the success of this team in 2018