Minnesota Vikings worst case scenario: QB


The Vikings seem to be all in on their pursuit of Kirk Cousins, with oddsmakers are currently calling Mike Zimmer’s team the favorites to land the coveted free agent. As Vikings fans, we know that things can go south in a hurry and with that in mind, here is the worst case scenario for the Minnesota Vikings at the QB position.

First, Cousins would have to spurn the Vikings for another team in free agency, which is not all that farfetched as the New York Jets can offer Cousins a record-breaking amount of guaranteed money. If these negotiations are left up to his agents, Cousins will follow the money and Minnesota will be left out in the cold.

After losing out on Cousins, the remaining dominoes will fall quickly. Case Keenum and Teddy Bridgewater will both sign offers from teams very quickly after Cousins signs. Will they want to sign with the Vikings after the front office in Minnesota very obviously wanted to move on to someone else? The NFL is a business, but lest we forget, these are humans with emotions. It very possible that neither QB would want to come back to Minnesota after realizing that they are/were plan B or C.

The choices left for Rick Spielman at QB at that point will most likely be Sam Bradford, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh McCown or AJ McCarron. McCarron will get more money than he should because of the current market, which might take the Vikings out of the running for his services. Josh McCown and Fitzpatrick will most likely sign as bridge starters for the teams drafting signal callers high in the draft this year.

Sam Bradford has a bit of history here and is by far the best QB of the available options when he is healthy. Vikings will sign Bradford, who will undoubtedly get injured and Kyle Sloter will come in and start the majority of the games in 2018, the Vikings miss the playoffs and are drafting a QB in the top ten picks in 2019.