Cousins reportedly on his way to Minnesota

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 30: Kirk Cousins /

The Vikings have landed the prize free agent on the market this season in Kirk Cousins but will it mean big wins down the road? 

The Vikings are reportedly about to sign free agent Kirk Cousins to a three year deal, worth $86 million guaranteed. Cousins has been productive over the past three seasons as the starter in Washington, leading them to a 9-7 record and a division title in 2015 while throwing for over 4000 yards and over 25 touchdowns in each of the three seasons.

Cousins was, without a doubt, the most highly sought after free agent on the market and although no contracts can be officially signed until Wednesday, Minnesota has seemingly landed the biggest fish in the pond this offseason.

The Michigan State product should provide some stability to a position that has seen everything from stop gaps and rookies to aging legends on their farewell tour.

After the year that Case Keenum had in 2017, there is a growing concern that Kirk Cousins will simply be a more expensive version of the Vikings QB we saw in 2017. Its very possible, but would that be the worst thing?

The Vikings are built to win games with second and third tier QB play, Cousins gives them a healthy (has not missed a start in 48 games), consistent, better than second, not as good as first tier signal caller. If the defense continues to play the way they have, the Vikings’ kryptonite will continue to be turnovers on offense. Kirk Cousins has not shown himself to be the kind of risk taker that will lose you games with foolish giveaways and that spells good things for this football team in the future.

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Kirk Cousins doesn’t have to be a top five QB for the Vikings to contend for a Super Bowl, he just needs to limit his turnovers and let the Zimmer lead defense do their thing.