Case Keenum signs with Denver Broncos


After an amazing 2017 campaign, Case Keenum signs a contract with John Elway’s Denver Broncos and should take over as starter. 

Case Keenum has gotten a large raise from the Denver Broncos. After agreeing to a 2 year contract worth $36 million, its safe to say that Keenum has come a long way after starting his career as an undrafted free agent and practice squad player. The perception of Case Keenum has changed dramatically over the past year.

Keenum, who signed with the Vikings to be the backup to Sam Bradford in 2017 for a paltry $2 million, couldn’t find a home until late in the offseason last year but outplayed his 2017 salary by a long shot. He became a free agent this offseason after Minnesota made it very apparent that they were looking to go after Kirk Cousins in free agency.

After a career year last season that lead him all the way to the NFC Championship game, Keenum will be the apparent starter for John Elway’s club for the next season or two. We have seen that if you can surround Keenum with talent and opportunities, he is very capable of winning you a number of football games.

It may be unfair to expect 13 wins out of the Broncos this season, but it can be assumed that Keenum will provide a decent upgrade over the starters Denver was using last year. This has a chance to be a very good fit for both parties if Keenum is given the tools to succeed.

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We here at Sporting Sota would like to tip our caps to Keenum for his unbelievable performance in 2017 and for completing his portion of the Minneapolis Miracle, both of which will be remembered by Vikings fans for a long time to come.