ESPN experts predict Twins in Wild Card game


Opening day is here! We have been letting Twins fans know what the experts and computers are predicting for the 2018 season and ESPN has release their predictions.

ESPN has released their 2018 Major League Baseball predictions and the Twins are picked to do better than some Twins fans might expect.

ESPN polled 29 different MLB experts and had them make predictions for the upcoming season and tallied the votes to decide who they believe will win the divisions, Wild cards, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, Pennants and World Series.

Most experts are predicting Cleveland will win the American League central, which makes a lot of sense at this point given their success over the past few seasons and the familiar faces that continue to roam the dugout with Terry Francona. However, the Twins were recipients of two votes for Central division champion. The Indians should win the Central, but the idea that the Twins are capable of winning the division in certain experts eyes is a good sign.

The ESPN voters chose Boston, because someone has to take second in the AL east standings and the Minnesota Twins as their two Wild Card winners. This prediction assumes that the Twins will beat out the Angels with their new power hitting pitcher and that Trout guy, as well as Toronto, Seattle, possibly Oakland, just to name a few teams.

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This prediction is interesting because it is being done by actual humans instead of computers, analytics, tens of thousands of simulated seasons or win total with decimal points. It is also the only prediction that we have seen that has the Twins winning a Wild Card spot. We will see if the computers or humans win this battle of baseball predictions as the season unfolds.