Is Kyle Gibson starting to figure things out?


In their second game of the season, the Twins saw their starting pitcher give up exactly zero runs over six innings. 

Kyle Gibson continued the positive trend of good pitching outings for the Twins in game two of the season. Gibson went six innings without giving up a hit and threw 102 pitches in his start in Baltimore on Saturday.

A good outing for Gibson and arguably the most encouraging thing we have seen from him in a long time. There is an above average major league pitcher hiding somewhere inside Kyle Gibson and if the Twins can find it, they are in very good shape for the postseason this year.

Its still very early in the season, obviously, but the Twins may have constructed a pretty solid pitching staff like someone would make a quilt. Many different materials, obtained in many different ways but all of the pieces coming together to make something useful. If this front office and coaching staff are capable of maximizing output from Kyle Gibson and can put Jose Berrios on the fast track to ace status, the Twins could be looking at a potential 3-5 year championship window.

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Yes, it’s too early to be announcing the arrival of a dynasty but these past two pitching performances have not just been good, they have been extremely encouraging. The Twins have a nice stable of young position players on the Major League roster right now and if they can continue to progress and the pitching staff can continue to develop, there is no reason not to believe in the Twins as long term contenders.