Wolves in the five seed is still possible

DENVER, CO - APRIL 05: Nikola Jokic
DENVER, CO - APRIL 05: Nikola Jokic /

The Wolves still have a shot at the five seed for this years playoffs but they could also wind up missing the playoffs entirely. 

As you may already know, the Western Conference standings are an absolute log jam, with one game separating five teams and only four spots remain in the postseason. The NBA released a chart detailing the possible playoff seeding scenarios for the remaining two days of the regular season.

After missing their best player for a quarter of the season, having one of their top players disappear for games at a time and a head coach who refuses to change his rotation habits, this team still has a shot at the five seed! It would take a near miracle and many unlikely things would have to happen, but they still have a shot.

One of the big if’s that gets the Wolves to the five seed is the blatantly tanking Memphis Grizzlies beating Oklahoma City, who currently sit in the seven seed in the West. ESPN’s BPI gives Memphis a 14.5% chance of winning that game. No word if the BPI takes into account the fact that Memphis has sat nearly all of their rotation-level players against the Wolves and will most likely do so against OKC.

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The biggest if, however, is the Wolves beating Denver on Wednesday night. The Nuggets have been playing for their postseason lives for quite some time. Scratching and clawing their way up the standings, not holding on for dear life as the Wolves were. It will take a big time game from their best players, but the Wolves are more than capable of winning this game. The fifth seed? Don’t hold your breath.