Lindsay Whalen takes Gophers coaching job, statue sure to follow

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 04: Lindsay Whalen
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 04: Lindsay Whalen /

The University of Minnesota has hired Lindsay Whalen to be the head coach of their women’s basketball team and there is nothing she can’t do.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s basketball team has announced the hiring of Lindsay Whalen. Yes, that Lindsay Whalen. Don’t worry Lynx fans, she will still be playing for the champs this season, most likely leading them deep into the playoffs (again), all the while recruiting and getting ready for the winter season where she will lead the Gophers from the bench as their head coach.

First things first, this is a slam-dunk hire for the University of Minnesota. This job had turned into flyover country for some really good coaches over the past several years and Lindsay Whalen is not going anywhere. The Hutchinson, MN product and greatest player in program history is also an automatic recruiting upgrade for any Minnesota prospect and her basketball knowledge and acumen are unquestioned.

Few Minnesota athletes are as decorated as Whalen, with four WNBA championships, two gold medals and a final four appearance under her belt, but the thing that separates Whalen from all others in the land of “one of us” is hometown loyalty. Everything she has done has been for us. She lead the Gophers to the final four and the Lynx to the WNBA championship. If you grew up in Minnesota, you grew up rooting for Lindsay Whalen.

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All she has ever done is win and although coaching is a new endeavor, there is no reason to believe she can’t be successful in this profession as well. Shoot, she was good as an announcer for the Wolves games this season too! Really, the only question remaining is whether to put her statue in front of Williams Arena or Target Center. Or both?