Minnesota Twins: Byron Buxton’s concerning migraines

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 03: Byron Buxton
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 03: Byron Buxton /

The Minnesota Twins have placed Byron Buxton on the 10-day disabled list due to migraines, should Twins fans be concerned about possible long-term issues?

As a fan, there are few things scarier than one of your team’s best young players missing playing time due to a non-sports related issue. The Minnesota Twins have seen their fair share of these injuries over the years and if you include post-concussion related symptoms, that list grows by a couple of very big names. Now, we can add Bryon Buxton’s name to that list.

Buxton was placed on the 10-day disabled list while the Twins were in Puerto Rico and was replaced at center field by Max Kepler for both of the two games against Cleveland

According to ESPN, this is not the first time that Buxton has dealt with migraines. Paul Molitor revealed that Buxton missed time last July due to this issue and yet Derek Falvey was quoted as saying “We don’t have any reason to think it’s an ongoing issue for us” in the same ESPN piece.

It’s hard to know how Falvey defines “ongoing” but dictionary.com defines it as “continuing without termination or interruption.” If these migraines happened in July of 2017 and again in April of 2018, wouldn’t that qualify as continuing without termination?

The fact that Buxton has missed time for this same issue previously cranks the concern over his current DL stint up to eleven. Buxton only played in 10 of the Twins 25 games in July of 2017, so to assume that he will be back in 10 days seems overconfident.

Hopefully Byron Buxton returns to the active roster and has no lingering migraine issues, a player of his talent should be on the field for everyone to enjoy. However, now that we know about his history, we will be waiting to see if it ever rears it’s ugly head again.

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