Minnesota Timberwolves: examining trade scenarios for Jimmy Butler

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The Timberwolves will indeed trade Butler somewhere. Expect movement to happen soon.

The Jimmy Butler watch will continue in earnest, however, most signs point to an end being near. One of the possible holdups to a deal happening could be the idea that the Timberwolves will not give Butler away.

Why should the Timberwolves hand Butler over to another NBA team for scraps in return? It would not be beneficial to the Timberwolves in any scenario, especially when they are in control of where he will play next.

Perhaps the Timberwolves can decide to play hardball with Butler, By not giving in to his trade demand, the Timberwolves would be in the position to convince their disappointed star one last shot at building a rapport with the teammates he has clashed with. Truthfully, a united Timberwolves’ team which is playing together can make some noise in the crowded Western Conference.

That plea by the Timberwolves could continue into the middle of December when many of the NBA players that signed new deals are eligible to be traded. The potential return may not be the same for the Timberwolves, but more teams could get involved in the conversation.

In the end, if the Timberwolves’ ownership is intent on a Butler trade, it will happen soon. The Timberwolves likely have received at least one offer good enough to move forward. Which team will emerge as the next destination for Butler remains to be seen. The longer the Jimmy Butler watch continues, the more the likelihood of unrest in the Timberwolves will remain high.