Minnesota Twins: 5 things the Twins must do to make the playoffs next season

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Minnesota Twins Home Run
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The Twins must hit more home runs in order to truly compete for the playoffs next season.

There was a power outage throughout the Twins’ lineup. After the Twins shipped third baseman Eduardo Escobar to the Arizona Diamondbacks, home runs were scarce at best.

Hitting home runs was a rare occurrence for the Twins who only slugged out 166 dingers as a team. The Twins ranked in the bottom-third for total balls leaving the park. On the other hand, Twins’ pitchers served up 198 home runs. The latter total would not be as frightening if the Twins’ home run numbers were higher.

Under Molitor, the Twins focused on timely contact hitting. They will need a more balanced lineup going forward if they want to return to the playoffs next season. A combination of patience at the plate and a vigorous focus on launch angle could increase the Twins’ power numbers.

On a good note, the Twins did not strike out a ton. Their young hitters could be a bit more aggressive at the plate, however. Another thing that would help the Twins is the addition of a proven slugger.

There is an exorbitant amount of sluggers who are going to be available in MLB free agency. The Twins would be best served to sign someone.