Harvin talk couldn’t be blown any more out of proportion


Oct 25, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Metrodome. The Buccaneers defeated the Vikings 36-17. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Calm down, everyone.

The latest buzz in Minnesota is the Harvin article posted on Saturday by Mike Max of WCCO.

According to the report, prior to being placed on the DL, receiver Percy Harvin had a tirade with coach Leslie Frazier with teammates present.

OK, but this report sounds awfully familiar.

Oh wait that’s right, Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities reported every exact detail back on Dec. 20, 2012.

It is the exact same report, but many things happened since Pelissero’s report back in December.

Harvin came back for an exit interview after the season ended—well after the “tirade” incident—and everything checked out fine medically. Frazier spoke with Harvin with every intention of repairing the relationship and reaffirming that he wants Harvin to play for the Vikings. Here are Frazier’s most recent comments on his talk with Harvin.

"“I told him how much I love him and want him to be a part of our team,” Frazier said on KFAN. “I don’t want him to play for anyone else. And I tried to put that to rest with him. So he’s clear on how I feel.”"

If there is anything new in Max’s report it is that the Vikings reportedly intend to trade Harvin. The truth is, general manager Rick Spielman is going to consider all his options for all his players, including the possibility of trading Harvin.

Imminent trade, as the WCCO article suggests?

Let’s slow down.

The other buzz around the Internet is Spielman’s supposed tip-toeing around Harvin questions in a radio interview on KFAN. The person who asked the questions asked very direct questions to Spielman and Spielman simply would not commit to answering on if Harvin will be a Viking next season.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports and other media outlets (even NFL.com picked up on the WCCO report) have already concluded that Harvin is out of the door because of Spielman’s non-committal stance. While a Harvin trade is still possible, everyone needs to step back and take a deep breath.

Spielman is a general manager and his relationship with his players—and future potential players—is very important. He is in a position that, in the face of the public, he needs to be honest about his players.

Was Spielman tip-toeing around questions? Absolutely. But he’s being honest, and that is what players like.

Spielman is still considering options, so of course he isn’t going to commit to where Harvin will be next season. A lot is involved.. What is the market for Harvin like? Can a relationship be fixed? Can the sides agree on an extension? Can the Vikings find players to make up for his production? Do the Vikings feel they can win with Harvin next season?

Reader: But he was quick to commit to Ponder as his starting quarterback next season! 

Well, because he weighed his options and already concluded that Ponder will be his starting quarterback. You can almost certainly guarantee that Minnesota will not try to bring Brett Favre out of retirement or anything of that sort. (The Favre thing was more Brad Childress than anything)

Ponder will be the starting quarterback in 2013. Period.

Don’t expect a Harvin trade anytime soon. Expect Spielman and the Vikings to weigh all options and salvage any relationship they can with Harvin. There is no need to make a rash decision a week after the NFL season, and it is doubtful the Vikings already came to the conclusion that Harvin will absolutely be dealt.

If the opportunity arises, then opportunity arises, but the idea that a trade is imminent is silly.