AP Makes His Preseason Return Sunday


Adrian Peterson will make his glorious return to the field this Sunday in his first preseason game this year. His return can’t come fast enough for fans who are hoping this will be the Vikings first win of the preseason.

Not only is the news of AP’s return firing up the fans, it is doing the same for some of his teammates.

“It’ll be key for us continuing to move forward, especially with him getting some live reps with us, getting his timing down and hitting the holes on certain plays,” right tackle Phil Loadholt said. “Whatever the coaches want to do, I’m with it. But it definitely helps us. I don’t see anything that could be wrong with him coming out there. It’s a positive for us, and we definitely need it.”

This year the preseason has been very costly for a number of teams with high profile players such as tight end Dennis Pitta (Ravens), tight end Dustin Keller (Dolphins), offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga (Packers), safety Phillip Thomas(Redskins), center Dan Koppen (Broncos) and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (Eagles) who have all suffered season-ending injuries.

The Vikings wanted to wait on AP’s big return to make sure they didn’t have a repeat of last year’s injury. But Peterson has been insisting to Frazier that he is ready for some playing time this preseason.

“I’ve been here seven years. I know how it goes. I try not to harp on it too much. I know the decision he makes is in the best interests of the team,” Peterson said. “It won’t stop me completely from going to him and say, ‘Hey, coach, I want to get in. I want to get a couple snaps.’ So I think I convinced him this week.”

After watching the first two preseason games, Peterson said he started “itching” to play. “I’m all about competing and getting better with my team,” he said.

And when asked how much he wants to plays, he said, “Maybe like a half.” And Frazier backed that sentiment and has said that Peterson would not play into the third quarter.