Minnesota Vikings: A Quick Look At A Not So Quick Fix


We all watched the mighty ship of the Vikings sink quickly on Sunday. This left many wondering if our glory season that many predicted was premature and we are not just dead on arrival.

The problems that they have can’t quickly solved by a magic wand. Some of the issues that they have will continue if they don’t get serious about fixing the problems that came about during the 34-24 defeat. To be expected, quarterback Christian Ponder is at the top of the headlines after throwing three interceptions and bumbling a hand off to Adrian Peterson that led to a fumble, but they also need defensive tackle Kevin Williams back asap as they tried to slow down Lions running back Reggie Bush, and Detroit’s quick passes nullified the Vikings’ pass rush, which is the fortitude of their defense.

Going into Chicago, no one would be surprised to see the Vikings face a similar blue print to what was in Detroit. The Bears will use Matt Forte to draw attention away from Brandon Marshall, like the Lions did with Bush and Calvin Johnson, and Julius Peppers and the rest of the Bears defense could have Ponder once again struggling to make plays under pressure. The Vikings haven’t won in Chicago since Peterson was a rookie in 2007, and they’ll no doubt have to work hard against Da Bears to escape a 0-2 start.