Kevin Williams Practicing With Vikings, Expected This Sunda


In a sign of possible good things to come defensive tackle Kevin Williams has been cleared to resume practicing with the team and is expected to play in Sunday’s game at Chicago.

He missed the debacle of the 34-24 season-opening loss at Detroit last Sunday after being sidelined by a preseason knee injury.

“Glad to have him back,” Coach Leslie Frazier said Wednesday. “Hopefully everything will go fine with him this week and we’ll have him on Sunday as well.”

Frazier said the 11-year veteran, who has missed only two games because of injuries, should greatly improve a run defense that gave up 117 yards against the Lions.

“Kevin is so important to us that his absence, it makes a difference,” Frazier said. “He was one of the best ever to play the position so anytime you don’t have him, not only from a performance standpoint but a leadership standpoint, it’s going to affect your team.”

“It’s a necessity,” he said. “Sunday night you get that bad feeling. Monday morning, as you head into the film room, you get that bad feeling. And as you watch the game, you’re like, ‘Ugh, that’s just something that was dumb.’

“As you watch it, it’s a bad taste in your mouth, and at the same time it gives you confidence because these things are easily correctable.”