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The Vikings’ huge mistake’s last week against the Detroit Lions on opening day was a debacle. And because of those mistakes they are now looking at their game tomorrow against the Chicago Bears as a must win.

A must win you say? A little dramatic yes but you have to remember that the Lions beat us by 10 points and 469 yards.

The Vikings are in of the tougher divisions in football and they would be in between a rock and hard place staring two games down. “This game is very important for us, not just to keep from starting 0-2, but every win is vital, especially on the road and a division team,” receiver Jarius Wright said. “We feel like we must win.”

The team has said all week, with conviction, that they’ll watch the tape and improve vastly. Well you can watch all the tape you want but at the end of the day it is what happens on the field that counts.

Let’s hope they remember how it felt last week to hand the Lions a win, and bring this win back home.