Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns Live Stream: How To Watch the Minnesota Vikings Online


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It is do or die time for the Vikings as they kick off their home opener against the Browns. To avoid a 0-3 start they have to stay focused and not get over confident that they can beat the Browns.

While many, even in Cleveland, say that the Vikings will be victorious because the Browns have traded their starting running back, their starting quarterback is injured, has benched one of their starting wide receivers because of “poor performance”—despite all  this the Vikings cannot assume this is going to be an easy game.

They have to play this game like there are going to be 0-3—wait never mind. As always all eyes will be on our QB Christian Ponder and our offense who have been struggling this season.

The Browns were definitely the underdog today and losing half the team for various reasons this week is not going to help. If they can exploit the “newness” of this team and the defense can stay on Brian Hoyer, It is fairly safe to say we have this in the bag.