Minnesota Vikings’ Christian Ponder Has Rib Injury, Will He Start Sunday?


Quarterback Christian Ponder has reviled that on Sunday’s 31-27 loss to Cleveland at the Metrodome he suffered a rib injury early in the game but was able to play through the pain and finish the game. It is now is now uncertain if Ponder will be the starting quarterback this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And if you listen close enough that’s the potential cheers of everyone in Minnesota upon hearing this news.

Ponder said that he will practice Wednesday in the Vikings first workout since arriving in England but he will wear some type of protection around his ribs.

He was able to throw normally (insert joke about throwing here) during the morning walk-through. But Coach Leslie Frazier has said that he will have to see how Ponder is the rest of the week to determine if he starts this Sunday.

“I’ve got to see how he does today, see how he progresses today and tomorrow,” Frazier said Wednesday. “We’ll probably have a better feel on Friday. But today will be a big signal as for what direction we have to go.”

“I guess the biggest concern is contact but our equipment staff is going to do a great job. We’re going to find something to protect it,” he said. “My mindset is we’re going to push it to the limit in a smart way. My mindset is I want to play this game and I’m going to do everything possible to do so.

“I don’t have a concern right now. The concern may come after Friday’s practice to see where I’m at.”

Ponder continues to come under fire this season for his play, or lack thereof, that has contributed to the Vikings’ 0-3 start. He has two turnovers against the Browns, threw his fifth interception, and is ranked 35th among starting quarterbacks with a 69.5 rating.