Minnesota Wild Goalie Niklas Backstrom Hurt in Loss to Nashville Predators


Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom was having a tough game Tuesday night. But it got worse when he had to be helped off the ice after a collision with Eric Nystrom of the Predators. Nystrom crashed into Backstrom, shoving the goaltender back and into the goal post.

Backstrom would not return after this.

The Wild were already down 2-1 in the first period and on the play that injured Backstrom, Nystrom earned a penalty shot. When backup Josh Harding came in, the first thing he had to do was face Nystrom in that spot and Nystrom beat him for a 3-1 lead.

But the biggest concern for the Wild right now has to be the health of Backstrom. He played in 42 of 48 games last season, his save percentage dipped to .909. Which isn’t horrible but it is well below his career average of .917.

The Wild will play again on Thursday October 10 against the Winnipeg Jets at 7:00 PM on Fox Sports North.