Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Listed As Questionable For Sunday


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was officially listed as questionable on Friday for Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) leaves the field with an apparent injury in the second quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Multiple exams showed Peterson would not need surgery on his foot so Friday’s workout was going to come down to if Peterson could show enough speed and explosiveness to get the Vikings to consider him getting on the field on Sunday.

Minnesota won’t make a final decision until Saturday or Sunday, Frazier said, they were certainly more optimistic on Friday than they were earlier in the week.

“He was able to plant. He was able to push off,” Frazier said. “We’ll see tomorrow if there’s any soreness, but he looked far better than I anticipated.”

Peterson vowed several times this week — to reporters on Monday, and to Frazier on Wednesday — that he would be ready to play on Sunday. He’d already proved how quick of a healer he was when he ran for 2,097 yards less than a year after ACL surgery in 2012, and Peterson might have a chance to show that again this week.

“There’s pain there, but it comes to a point where you’ve got to suck some of the pain up,” Peterson said. “As far as me trying to put pressure on it, the pain that I do feel, I’m able to take that. But it’s a different force when you’re running and you’re really planting and really being explosive.”

But any notion of taking the remainder of the season off was lost on Peterson.

“That’s just not my mentality — leaving these guys out to dry,” Peterson said. “I love the game too much to sit out, just because. If I’m out, you’re going to know that, ‘Hey, he can’t go.’ That’s going to be the case. But outside of that, I’m going to try to put my best foot forward to get out there and play every Sunday.”