Minnesota Timberwolves seriously hold 90’s retro night without retro jerseys

The Minnesota Timberwolves held a retro night without retro jerseys. Okay then…

Retro nights around the NBA are a very popular promotion. We love nostalgia as a society and it allows the teams to sell additional merchandise. It really is a win-win in a world where multiple winners is rare.

I was truly excited when I heard the Minnesota Timberwolves were holding a 90’s retro night on Tuesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. I was ready to see the awesome jerseys that Kevin Garnett was sporting in his younger, and better days, plus I was just praying somehow the Wolves, Thunder and NBA would be cool enough to get OKC in a 90’s Seattle Supersonics jersey. I knew the Sonics jerseys were a stretch, but I was ready to see the Wolves in a retro jersey that was actually the Wolves and not the Minnesota Muskies.

I’m still waiting. Yep, the Timberwolves seriously held a retro night without retro uniforms. That is how far this franchise has fallen.

The Timberwolves have had three different jerseys throughout their existence. The simple blue and green of the early years, the tree-lined duds of the KG era and the current threads (the current jerseys went from green trees to gray trees, so that’s not really enough of a change to call a totally new jersey).

Two of the three jerseys were worn in the 90’s. Why not wear either of these for 90’s night?

My favorite jersey in the history of the Timberwolves is their first road jersey, the blue and greens. I have been clamoring to see these on the court again and no dice.

The tree-lined jerseys aren’t great, but they did represent the one good stretch of basketball this franchise ever played. Even I’ll admit that it would be cool to see Kevin Garnett in those jerseys one more time.

I don’t understand a lot of things that the Timberwolves do, but I thought they could at least try for a nice little marketing move. Maybe they are just tanking for better odds in the jersey lottery.

Oh, and the Timberwolves lost. Shocker.