Minnesota Vikings: Another edition of Mike Zimmer is awesome

Mike Zimmer is the best and he proved that again during his end of the year press conference.

Mike Zimmer is quite blunt. Heck, Jim Souhan wants you to know that he doesn’t think the Minnesota Vikings head coach isn’t too blunt. Thanks, Jim!

Why is his bluntness back in the headlines? Well, he was pretty brutally honest when it came to him letting go his offensive line coach once the season came to a close.

Jeff Davidson was let go from his position of offensive line coach after his unit allowed 45 sacks this season. It wasn’t exactly an easy season for Davidson, his line was dealt the blows of losing Phil Loadholt and John Sullivan before the season even started, but he still was partially responsible for Matt Kalil. That’s a fireable offense in itself… that might’ve proved itself.

It was asked at Zimmer’s year end press conference on Tuesday why Davidson’s contract wasn’t renewed. Zimmer had a simple response of, “I didn’t want to.”

That’s absolutely perfect. Anyone that watched the Vikings at all during the course of the 2015 season knows that the offensive line was one of the weakest units of the team. The struggles were obvious and that makes an obvious non-renewal of that unit’s coach.

1500ESPN reports that the Vikings are interested in the services of New York Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty and former Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell for the newly opened offensive line coach position. My fingers are crossed that Mike Tice will at least be given a text.

It looks like Mike Zimmer is surely the right coach for the Minnesota Vikings and his bluntness makes it that much sweeter.

It might be the offseason now, but Sporting Sota will keep you covered on all the latest when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings.