Minnesota Twins: Miguel Sano might be headed for off-season surgery

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 30: Miguel Sano (Photo by Andy King/Getty Images)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 30: Miguel Sano (Photo by Andy King/Getty Images) /

The Minnesota Twins were without slugging third baseman Miguel Sano for a majority of the second half and it looks like he may now be headed for offseason surgery.

Miguel Sano, pretty much, single handedly kept the Minnesota Twins alive during the first half of the season. Sano found himself injured and not being able to get on the field, it looks like he might be heading for the knife this off-season.

Darren ‘Doogie’ Wolfson of KSTP tweeted out that it wouldn’t be a shocker if the All-Star had off-season surgery.

The more pain than we realized came into full effect in the last few days. Sano played in his first games in over a month in the final regular season series when the Twins played the Detroit Tigers at Target Field. Sano did not exactly fare well in his appearances against the lowly Detroit, including an at-bat against a position player, but it was seen as these games were simply going to be a tune up so he was ready for the American League Wild Card Game against the New York Yankees.

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That made it a little bit of a surprise early on on Tuesday when it was announced that Sano was not on the 25-man roster for the Twins in the Wild Card Game. You know Sano must be really struggling since his presence would have been greatly welcomed in just a designated hitter position or pinch hitting opportunity, but, alas, that didn’t come to fruition.

Sano’s shin kept him out of the Twins playoff game and the team made the playoffs despite his injury, but the team does desperately need him in the lineup in 2018. The Twins have a lot of successful young pieces, but Sano might be the shiniest prize possession.

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The Minnesota Twins will now sit at home, wait to see if manager Paul Molitor is back and watch who goes on to win the World Series. Something that Sano and the Twins could do in the coming years.