Minnesota Timberwolves: Biggest addition is the addition of Beast Mode Andrew Wiggins

SAN ANTONIO,TX - OCTOBER 18: Andrew Wiggins (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)
SAN ANTONIO,TX - OCTOBER 18: Andrew Wiggins (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images) /

The biggest addition for the Minnesota Timberwolves might just be the arrival of the beast mode Andrew Wiggins.

Sure, Jimmy Butler is nice, Jeff Teague has been hitting some floaters and Jamal Crawford put up 17 points in one quarter, but none of those are the big addition to the Minnesota Timberwolves for this season. I can also guarantee you that it is not Taj Gibson. The greatest addition appears to be the arrival of Andrew Wiggins. Yes, Wiggins was already in Minnesota, but not this Beast Mode version of Wiggins.

Three games into the season and after every game, Wiggins has been one of the main talking points of the game. That, of course, was highlighted even more on Sunday night when Wiggins banked in a deep three-point shot at the buzzer to push the Wolves to a road victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Wiggins scored a season high 27 points against the Thunder, he scored 21 points in the home opener against the Utah Jazz and he put in 26 in the season opening loss to the San Antonio Spurs. That’s just the points part of the equation.

It appears that Wiggins has also decided to be active in the rebounding game. On Sunday night, Wiggins grabbed seven rebounds and grabbed five in both of the first two games of the year. Those are not eye-popping rebounding numbers, but they are a great improvement for the former Kansas Jayhawk.

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The eyeball test also shows that Wiggins is playing better defense thus far. It doesn’t take much for Wiggins to improve but he has been a helpful defender in the overall better defensive play from Minnesota.

The presence of Butler surely helps Wiggins improve in all aspects of his game, but some of it is purely Wiggins playing better. Butler isn’t the reason that Wiggins’ shot is seemingly so pure early this season. Wiggins is the reason for that.

Obviously, there is a whole lot of season left for Wiggins to make me eat my words, but Wolves fans should hope that that doesn’t come to fruition. If Wiggins keeps this up, well, this Wolves team is even more dangerous than what we could have imagined in our wildest dreams.

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Wiggins will try to continue his amazing play when the Minnesota Timberwolves take on the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night at Target Center. The game is set for a 7:00 Central tip.