Minnesota Vikings: Ranking the NFC teams the Vikings least want to face in the playoffs

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Nick Foles
PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Nick Foles /

5. Philadelphia Eagles

It seems counterintuitive to rank the number one seed in the NFC as the team the Vikings most want to see in the NFC playoffs, but that is what happens when the best team in the conference loses their star quarterback to injury. Frankly, if Carson Wentz was healthy, the Eagles would find themselves on the complete other end of the ranking. With Nick Foles at the helm, the Eagles find themselves ranked as the easiest potential NFC opponent.

Obviously, Vikings fans can’t talk down about backup quarterbacks too much considering that Case Keenum is really the Vikings’ third preferred option at the position, but the Eagles simply have not looked as explosive with Foles.

The Eagles had nothing to play for in the last week of the regular season, but they still played all of their starters in hopes of getting Foles rolling while heading into the playoffs. That did not happen in the regular season finale. Instead, the Dallas Cowboys shutout the once explosive Eagles.

There is obviously more components to a football team than its offense, but if the Cowboys could completely shut down the Eagles offense just think about what the Minnesota Vikings defense could do to them.

The playoffs are truly when quarterbacks shine and at this moment Philadelphia just happens to be on the bottom of that totem pole. The good news for Philadelphia is that in a potential matchup with the Vikings would be in Pennsylvania but the bad news is that it still would be a game against the Vikings.